How it Werks

Hiring - Now or in the future

  • Create a profile for your business

Even if you dont have a vacancy a profile is FREE marketing and people can follow you on Werks.

  • Create and Advert or Search for the best people

Create FREE or paid adverts for each role you have. You can even chat and to people not actively seeking employment.

  • Get the best suited people for your business

Get the suitability scored people, then you can send them instant messages via Werks

  • Connect, Chat and Hire!

Build a GREAT profile for your business and join the community, even if you’re not looking for people, When you do need to hire followers will get notified. And a great profile attracts new customers in hospitality who spend their free time checking out other places within the industry.

Looking – Now or in the future

You don’t need to be looking for a job


  • Create a profile

Your profile will act as you cv but just a lot less hassle and join the community. If you’re not looking for a job, fine, sit tight and let businesses get in touch if they like your profile/cv.

  • Search for jobs and/or follow your favourite businesses

Search for jobs, or you can just follow your favourite businesses and get notifications when they have vacancies.

  • Get the best suited roles

Get the roles that best suit your search including your availability

  • Connect and Apply

Chat to businesses and Ssimply click apply and your application is sent.